Sheffield Uni.


Ok, the last of the gigs that I saw on this tour. 4 in total, so could this finally be a critical review of the band. Well who knows. Anyway, it has to be said that the majority of the main set was the same as the other nights, so I ain't gonna bother going through all that again. If you want to know what it was then take a look at either the Leeds or Leicester gigs. For a different main set check the Moodswingers out. Ok, cheap plugs over.

Minor differences in the set seemed mainly to be the use of firebomb thingies in Suckerpunch, which i guess if they used at Leicester would've burnt the place down. The crowd seemed more subdued, dunno, think it might have something to do with the venue. I think this reflected with the band as well. They weren't bad, it just wasn't as good.

So we'll move onto the encores, which were different, and of course it's at this stage that I wish I'd written this the day after the gig, not a week later, cos I've forgotten some of it. Weekend made a return for the first time that I know of one this tour, complete with crowd singalong thingie. The cover that they've been doing a few times on the tour was thrown in, as was Miles Away Girl and Headfuck (of course). So there was me thinking no Geordie, but nah, they did play it eventually along with Getting It to finish the night off. Strange to me, that they played 2 more tracks here than the night before which seemed to be a better gig, and which the band looked as if they enjoyed more, but what do I care, I got to hear the songs anyway :P

Short but sweet review this time cos I've got work to do.

Overall Dave Verdict.

Good, again, though not as good as they have been. Getting picky in my old age.